What You'll Recieve with Certified Plus

  • The 3-month Certification Program This is the Hypnosis Masterclass - with mentoring, coaching with ongoing feedback and direction during this three month process to final Certification. Currently part of all N.American SP Classes
  • PLUS
  • Monthly Meet-ups with Ines Simpson and SP trainers This is a meet-up to discuss your challenges with SP, your sessions, new ideas, what's the latest input from around the world of SP. It's an ongoing connection to the best of SP - and a place for you to contribute and receive the best of SP.
  • FREE Access ALL the SP Self Hypnosis audios - at any time - complete access to all the SP Self Hypnosis audios - 24/7.
  • FREE Membership to the Simpson Protocol online resource site this is the complete collection of updates and videos and sessions collected over the years from SP Classes.Constantly updated
  • Certified PLUS exclusive section on SP Forum A place where new videos, new chats and new feedback and Q&A will be offered
  • Join the SP Certified Community Together with Ines Simpson and the Certified PLUS Community and SP Trainers - be at the leading edge of the SP Process and be part of creating the new processes in SP

The Marketing Course for SP Practitioners

Topics to be discussed

Understanding the Market:

Identify the target market for hypnotists and therapy businesses.

Research market trends and demands.

Analyze competitors and their strategies.

Learn how to use A.I to Market Yourself

Learn the right questions to ask

Use A.I. for your emails,

Use A.I. for your Website content

Create your own Hypnosis Book - if you choose

Building your Brand

Leveraging SP and you.

Use your USP.

Standing out in your Marketplace.

Create a clear message about yourself.

Establishing a personal brand and professional reputation.

Developing a Strong Online Presence:

Building an appealing and user-friendly website.

Utilizing social media platforms effectively.

Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Leveraging online advertising channels.

Attracting the Right Clients:

Identifying the ideal client profile.

Creating compelling marketing messages and content.

Using persuasive storytelling techniques.

Implementing lead generation strategies.

Developing a referral network and partnerships.

Building trust and rapport with potential clients.

Pricing Strategies and Packages:

Determining appropriate pricing for services.

Developing tiered service packages.

Creating value-added offerings and incentives.

Maximizing Client Retention and Referrals:

Establishing strong client relationships.

Implementing effective follow-up and communication.

Offering ongoing support and value-added services.

Encouraging referrals through referral programs and incentives.

Mindset and Personal Development:

Developing a success mindset.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

Building confidence and resilience.

Setting and achieving business goals.

Find your power faster.

SP Certified Plus.

One Time payment - no monthly fees or extras - all of the above included.

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